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I’m so happy to share these photos and story with you all! I set “photographing a birth” as a business goal last year. It was ALWAYS something I wanted to shoot, but the year came and went ( way to fast!) and being busy with weddings and my 2 year old, it just didn’t happen.

When my good friend Katie announced that she was pregnant with her third baby, I was SO happy for her! What an amazing gift children are. When she had a get together around the holidays, my husband, jokingly ( well, sort of), mentioned that I had wanted to photograph a birth and that I might just happen to be at the hospital when she was in labor. With my camera. I love him so much when he rats me out like this. I just chuckled, and to my surprise, Katie said “REALLY? Sure! We’d love that!!”. I waited a week or so for the idea to sink in more. I figured she was just trying to be polite, but I just had to ask! So I sent a message and it turns out she was as serious as I hoped! We started texting back and forth trying to work out plans. We decided she or Devin, her husband and also good friend, would text or call me until I responded when she was on her way to the hospital. It all sounded great, I was thrilled!

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Katie’s due date came.

.. And went. With no sign of baby. Much like his brother and sister, her stubborn boy wasn’t in any hurry! So the plan was to start induction one week after his due date. Katie and Devin headed to the hospital at 7pmto start the process and kept me informed on what was going on! At 9am I got a text and jumped up!

“Nothing. They are going to start pitocin.”.

And then things started to move along. 2 cm dilated, and an hour later at 4, so I decided it was a good time to start my hour drive to the hospital! I grabbed my keys and camera and was out the door around 1:30pm.

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And then waited, and waited some more! I can honestly say I had the best people to wait with though! Rachel, Katie’s midwife, and her assistant were amazing at keeping Katie breathing and focusing through contractions, and Devin and I got to catch up on what our kids have been up to ( my son and their daughter are very close in age and have playdates pretty often!), what’s good on Netflix, politics, the new babies name, our health, Katie, coffee, spinal taps, and pretty much everything under the sun, because if you remember, I mentioned that Katie and Devin’s babies are never in a hurry to start life outside of the womb. Time spent in good company is the best kind!

Katie had had an epidural right before I had gotten there, and it had only worked on one side. The nurses had tried everything, but it still wasn’t working. So a second epidural was attempted, with the same results. There is nothing worse than seeing someone you care about in that kind of pain! Finally, they tried for a third time, and decided on a spinal, but because baby was not progressing, it wore off and Katie was back to square one. So, a fourth attempt brought a combination of a spinal and epidural, but because Katie’s blood pressure was high from being in pain, and because she relaxed so quickly, it made her blood pressure drop pretty low. It was a scary few minutes for me to watch, but Katie’s midwife, nurses, and doctors kept everything under control and took the best possible care of her to get her and baby safely through, and all the prayers for her and baby didn’t go unheard or unanswered,

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11 hours after I had arrived, 28 hours after Katie and Devin had entered the hospital, Katie was finally dilated to 10cm and ready to push! A few pushes later…..

Intoducing Kenton Wynnter! Isn’t his name cool? Named after both of his grandfather’s, Ken and Wynn. He was born just perfectly, 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, looking SO much like his brother and sister already. 7lbs 4.9 oz. of pure love! Congratulations Katie and Devin, I feel so honored to have been able to share this amazing day with you. It was so special to me to get to be there! May God Bless you all and baby Kenton!

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Psalm 127:3

Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him.




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