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Larah and I go wwwaaayy back. Like 6 years! I met my friend Missy ( Larah’s Mom) when we were about Larah’s age now. Well, Missy, I’m a few years older but we won’t linger on that. Our Mom’s would get together and we’d jump on the trampoline or play board games growing up. I even got to be the maid of honor in Missy’s Hawaii wedding, and she was my matron of honor a few years later!

Like I said, Larah and I go WAY back.


I was so excite for Missy when we found out Larah was on the way! She also got to be one of my first photo subjects, I took pictures of her pretty often when we were together! Not that I needed too, Larah’s grandma Connie is an amazing photographer too! But I still loved to go and take some photos of her growing up! Missy has 2 more boys now: Liam, that is my son Trevor’s age ( we were pregnant about a month apart) and Johnsy, her wild and crazy baby who doesn’t know the meaning of fear!

Back to Larah!


I was so happy to get to photograph her for her golden birthday of six! She has grown and changed so much from that tiny baby, and is always a blast. Sarah, hands down, has the best one liners without trying. She is so imaginative and smart! When I was over she asked for a few things through the course of the day, adding at the end of every question “.. for the birthday girl, please?”. I loved it! If it’s your birthday, you should use it!

I’m going to try and dig some photos out of my archives for this post, because why not? No judging though. Most of these were before I actually figured out how to take photos so….

Larah, you are the best 6 year old around! I hope your birthday was everything you hoped and that it went the way you wanted, for the birthday girl of course! <3

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