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Let me just start by saying: I am SO happy to be back to shooting some photos! Don’t get me wrong. I LOVED my time off with my new sweet girl! But it was a much needed break to recharge and made me realize how much I really love doing this again!

This week was my husbands birthday and we talked about staying overnight in Pittsburgh a few days but hadn’t made concrete plans. Sunday rolled around and we decided to just go for it! We packed up the kids (and EVERYTHING you bring for 2 kids, ourselves, and our sanity), into my little car and off we went! We decided on a night in Cranberry then onto Pittsburgh area because we had passed through a few times and just wanted to check it out.

And just get to the hotel for Trevor’s sake.

Trevor was mostly interested in swimming in the big, square hotel pool ( that he told everyone he had a chance to tell for weeks before we went), so we made sure to swim both nights for quite awhile. When he found out the 2nd night that we wouldn’t be swimming at the hotel again he said “I’m ready to go home.”. He is a little fish!

Since we were staying at the DoubleTree by Hilton the 2nd night and since it had a big beautiful window, I decided on an impromptu photoshoot with the kids! I am so glad I did because I REALLY wanted some good photos of them together. The day of her newborn photos Trevor was not feeling it. This went so much smoother all around since Emma and Trevor were both in a good mood! Mom win!

I hope you enjoy seeing these two as much as I do, stay tuned for more photos from our trip!

Black and White photography with siblings and brother in a baseball t-shirt in hotel room in Pittsburgh while on vacation

Cute baby looking at camera during a photoshoot in a Pittsburgh Hotel showing off her big blue eyes

Backlit photography of brother smiling at sister Sweet moment of brother smiling at sister in hotel with backlighting in black and whiteBrother looking down at baby sister in black and white photographyBaby sister smiling at her big brother in black and white photographyBrother and sister photographyBlack and white photography of a baby sticking her tongue outmorning photography of naked baby  on bed in Pittsburgh hotelFunny baby face of a baby girl with chub in a backlit photo at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania hotelBacklit photography in Pittsburgh's DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel of chubby baby girl

I would love to take credit for Trevor’s big beautiful smile in this photo, but I can’t! It was all his baby sister, having some gas on him while he held her! And everyone should know, there isn’t much funnier to a 4 year old boy than that! She also seemed pretty happy about it.

Brother holding baby sister on bed smiling  at the DoubleTree Hilton HotelBig brother and baby sister smiling on bed in Pittsburgh hotel

Brother kissing baby sister in Pittsburgh hotel during vacation

Brother kissing baby sisters belly in Pittsburgh hotel photography

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