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As some of you may know, this past week I was out of town!

A few months ago I started looking into photography workshops ( Workshops are put on by senior photographers for the purpose of teaching). I have NEVER done a workshop that involved traveling or several days time, so I was excited to start looking and plan! It didn’t take me long to decide on Julie Paisley’s cottage workshop, a 3 day event filled with learning, 8 awesome other photographer, and even a representative from the FIND Lab, the top lab in film processing!


Did you read that right?

I did say film! Julie Paisley has been working with film for years and her style is gorgeous. Light and airy with soft tones and even more lovely skin tones! I loved what I learned about film there, and am now itching to try more photos with film!

After I just told my husband I wouldn’t be buying anymore photography gear for awhile. To which he responded “OOOk!” haha! He knows.

The first day of the workshop we talked. A lot! We talked about US, as photographers. I started to think more and more about where I wanted my business to be and how I wanted to do things! Day 2 we talked business, social media, and film! A lot of girls who attended had worked with film, and some shot film for these photos ( I’m dying to see their’s!)! I opted to shoot digitally for our styled shoot. I had a feeling if I picked up a film camera I would start dreaming about owning one and then it would be all over. Shawn’s dreams of me having completed gear for the year would be over. ha! I am STILL so in love with these images. The workshop gave me a good idea on how I wanted my weddings to look, something I’ve struggled with in the past.

The last day was spent with some one-on-one time for headshot with Julie and a private mentoring session! I had a blast with the fellow workshop attendees and was a little sad to leave on Thursday, but those few days were exactly what I wanted, and needed!

I had felt a little burnt out before going. I left feeling so inspired and ready to start working on the wedding photographer I WANT to be!

I’ve always strived to deliver the best images I can, BUT I want to be more! I want to spend time knowing my clients and being able to provide them with a better experience, AND beautiful images they will love!

I hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as I do!

A HUGE thank you to Cedarwood Weddings , who set up for the styling of this shoot and let us use their stunning venue! Also, to Belinda of the FIND lab for joining us and sharing her knowledge of film! And lastly ( but nowhere near least, to Julie Paisley Photography for leaving me with an awesome experience, I couldn’t have asked for any better and you are the best girl! Thanks for being so open and real!


Bride at a styled shoot by Northeast Ohio Wedding photographerWedding photography of bride formals with lovely bouquetBouquet of florals held by bride by Christine Schleif Photography

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